Easy Tips to Integrate Social Media With SEO To Boost Your Traffic – Part 2

Easy Tips to Integrate Social Media With SEO To Boost Your Traffic

This article is continuing from Integrate Social Media With SEO Part – Part 1

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When you are in the process of interlinking your social media with SEO then there are certain things you need to remember these steps:

The first thing you’re going to need a strong anchor (Anchor Text) for your post. That can be a video of the related article or an infographic or even a link to a full-detailed article.

Whatever anchor you decide, it’s going to serve as your foundation for your post and you’ll need to title it in an accurate manner, descriptive way.

The second step would be when you post it, frame your foundation with text that’s optimized for a specific type of search.

For example: If you’ve written a detailed article on best practices for making healthy breakfast, you could frame it with a specific title like “Have you ever wondered how to make a perfect healthy breakfast?”  You can even try to throw some seasonal keywords into mixing to maximize your timeliness and increasing your chances of the post coming up in search results when someone searches for a related term.

Try Influencing Social Sharing Implementation

Seo-Social Media2 - SEONoiseSocial sharing

When you have invested some hours to write some new & unique content & taking some additional time to post it on your blog then you can also add some additional features to your blog which can enable the blog visitors to share the content on their own network which they do it if they find the article useful for other.

Social share also contributes to a brand’s domain authority much in the same manner & way that external links do to improve the domain authority.

Increases Google Value for your post: To search engines like Google, any indication of a verifiable external source validating your brand this happens when your post is shared by some visitors who are not associated with your brand or with this grounds for a small improvement in domain authority. So, if you can get five or six or even more people to share your Facebook post or any other social network, that can give a good impact to improve your brand reputation on search engines, but if even you can get 1,000 or 10,000 people to share it, that’s even much better.

There are many ways that you can encourage people to share your post. One of the methods is to appeal directly. Let’s take an example that you can offer some kind of goodies or reward for people who share your post. This also depends on what kind of post you are promoting, if you are promoting any Retail Brand then offer the first 100 people who share with a substantial discount on your site & with this you can also increase your sales of your site. If you are targeting some specific post & your audience is also narrowed down to a specific area like if you are writing some spoilers for a Poplar Season Game Of Thrones or something relate to it then ask your visitors to share the post & they could be among the first people who could get the next update about the post.

The more your post gets shared the more popular your site will get.

Optimized Posts – Targeting Local Market

Social media marketing also provides a perfect opportunity to engage yourself & your brand promotion in the local community or local market, sending local related specific authority signals to major search engines to get your site indexed in the Local community.

There are some different methods to do this attempt. However, the easiest method is to create & maintain updates whenever or wherever your brand interacts with other local establishments on social media.

The best straightforward method is to release pictures & videos from your local participation of any tradeshows or local events, take as many pictures as you can by inviting the local residents as an audience to your shows & to note down the comments.

This process gives you a base to make you more visible to appear in local searches.

Brand Awareness

Building Brand Awareness is also important for local traffic as this may seem like more of a branding advantage than a specific SEO advantage to your brand, but the SEO benefit is significant with brand awareness.

In the process of increasing your reputation on social media, with an attempt through increased engagement and high-quality content syndication mayor will lead to increased online brand presence. With the increase in the brand, presence may lead to more branded searches on Google as people may directly type your brand name to search your brand info instead of a keyword search and then when people do more branded searches your brand receives, the higher possibility it’s likely to rank for non-branded keywords. Also, your brand may become suggestion on Google when your competitor brand is being searched. For example: when you Bing then you are also advised about Yahoo.

Keeping your social profiles updated & also updating them every day can automatically give you an authority from Google & more content you share with your audience the more followers you may receive on your brand pages. Also, with the higher possibility to appear in searches for more keywords.

If you have a brand doesn’t matter in which vertical, you should make your social profiles on all social networks. Such as Facebook, Google Plus, Google Brand, Google Maps (Highly recommend for local promotion), Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

How to Use Online Social Profiles for Link Building

How to Use Online Social Profiles for Link Building & Promote your Business

SeoNoise Social Profile

Don’t get confused in-between Social Share & using Social Profiles For Link Building as they are two different terms. If you interlink your social profiles with your website & your website sharing your social link icons is call social share buttons.

There is another way that social profiles could be used to build links to the website as most people not knowing what they are doing & get their site into Spam & increase their Spam Score. One needs to be careful when using a company or personal online profiles to generate links as it is a tricky subject.

As Some people or many think it is spammy or misleading, especially when someone creates profiles for the sole purpose of getting links. The thumb rule of Social profiles is to have only one genuine profile for a business. Well, this rule is often taken advantage for shorter goals without knowing the end results from some people create multiple social profiles for link building & eventually this can affect the site score & highly possible that their social profiles may get banned & in this process, they might lose their original profile as well.

However, even though there are some shady marketers out there that intend to tweak & twist the real purpose of profiles, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it in a genuine way. Which can actually give you results for doing it right?

In general, It is possible to have real profiles that share your information about the business, background, and accomplishments like success stories or testimonials etc, while also using it for more than just a way for people to find you online. As you could have seen that if you try to fine or research something online then the results also tend to show social profiles with details.

The purpose of having online profiles on the main social networks and websites your core audience visit is not only important to online visibility as the social profiles can guide your visitors to your website where they can perform the purchase or service, but it can also help you grow your network, which can organically lead to drive more inbound links for your content.

Executive Profile’s Outreach For Better Organic CTR (Click Through Ratio)

When people connect with a real person from a company that they are trying to engage can provide them a better trust & results that are done by a company profile.

The social spamming has become so intense that many online users have started to ignore messages & requests from different brands on social networks as many different companies & brands try to lure them to buy products or share the content.

Which is why if a personal executive profile outreach can give a comfort zone to the online users as it is a known fact that personal connection does matter & it may be also possible to share content in this manner, however, it takes some real work to build a strong relationship in the first place.

There could be some digital marketing teams who may log into executive’s personal profiles to do the daily interaction for them as this is a common practice used by many top executives as they simply do not have to manage their personal executive profiles. However, there could be a drawback if the executive does not monitor the profile occasionally as he/ she needs to know what was said on behalf of him/ her & if he has to address it in person someday. The best way is to take a blueprint on a weekly basis from your online marketing team on what was going on & were there any concerns need to be addressed etc. As you both need to be on the same page all the time to run a successful business.

Linkedin As Social Business Network

Use LinkedIn to share your content with a specific group of executives.

LinkedIn is the perfect major platform for this, as executives can have their own profiles and can share content as needed. This is the only platform where most of the executive profiles can be found & can be interacted with.

If any executive is sharing any information or any link in person then they get more credibility, their link suggestions are much more like to be taken seriously by users than a company profile simply sharing links to their blog as the company profile blogs get very less interaction rate.

The reason for the links getting more credibility as executive’s profile is “vouching” for the content, making it more trustworthy as the audience feel they are getting those links personally.

Very often users like hearing the opinions of an influential person on LinkedIn or high profile people, so adding this personal touch can help increase interest in the content that you are sharing.

Promote your content with Facebook Ads & LinkedIn Promotions to drive traffic, Share & Likes or Links

Facebook is the best economical platform to deliver your Ads or promote your links as this is the place you can target your audience according to the specification that you require to promote the content.

Facebook can provide you good results essentially, with the right targeting and even as little as $30 to $50 you can get your content in front of the right people on Facebook & if the content is trending then your little investment can bring your organic traffic when people share your post.

LinkedIn is a platform which you can use if you are targeting a specific or very narrow group where you only want to reach some decision making executives to get them interested in your content as LinkedIn promotion is expensive than any other social platform offers. So use it wisely & do a narrow targeting.


Social profiles can help you to keep your audience updated with your content & promotions as it takes some time to increase the network but it does pay once you have some audience on your network. As you grow your network, you’ll find that people are more likely to share content with people they know, like & your website hits keep increasing, and trust. By focusing on building your online profiles by staying active is the key to getting results, sharing interesting and relevant information on a regular basis can keep your audience active on your content.

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