Easy Tips to Integrate Social Media With SEO To Boost Your Traffic – Part 2

Easy Tips to Integrate Social Media With SEO To Boost Your Traffic

This article is continuing from Integrate Social Media With SEO Part – Part 1

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When you are in the process of interlinking your social media with SEO then there are certain things you need to remember these steps:

The first thing you’re going to need a strong anchor (Anchor Text) for your post. That can be a video of the related article or an infographic or even a link to a full-detailed article.

Whatever anchor you decide, it’s going to serve as your foundation for your post and you’ll need to title it in an accurate manner, descriptive way.

The second step would be when you post it, frame your foundation with text that’s optimized for a specific type of search.

For example: If you’ve written a detailed article on best practices for making healthy breakfast, you could frame it with a specific title like “Have you ever wondered how to make a perfect healthy breakfast?”  You can even try to throw some seasonal keywords into mixing to maximize your timeliness and increasing your chances of the post coming up in search results when someone searches for a related term.

Try Influencing Social Sharing Implementation

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When you have invested some hours to write some new & unique content & taking some additional time to post it on your blog then you can also add some additional features to your blog which can enable the blog visitors to share the content on their own network which they do it if they find the article useful for other.

Social share also contributes to a brand’s domain authority much in the same manner & way that external links do to improve the domain authority.

Increases Google Value for your post: To search engines like Google, any indication of a verifiable external source validating your brand this happens when your post is shared by some visitors who are not associated with your brand or with this grounds for a small improvement in domain authority. So, if you can get five or six or even more people to share your Facebook post or any other social network, that can give a good impact to improve your brand reputation on search engines, but if even you can get 1,000 or 10,000 people to share it, that’s even much better.

There are many ways that you can encourage people to share your post. One of the methods is to appeal directly. Let’s take an example that you can offer some kind of goodies or reward for people who share your post. This also depends on what kind of post you are promoting, if you are promoting any Retail Brand then offer the first 100 people who share with a substantial discount on your site & with this you can also increase your sales of your site. If you are targeting some specific post & your audience is also narrowed down to a specific area like if you are writing some spoilers for a Poplar Season Game Of Thrones or something relate to it then ask your visitors to share the post & they could be among the first people who could get the next update about the post.

The more your post gets shared the more popular your site will get.

Optimized Posts – Targeting Local Market

Social media marketing also provides a perfect opportunity to engage yourself & your brand promotion in the local community or local market, sending local related specific authority signals to major search engines to get your site indexed in the Local community.

There are some different methods to do this attempt. However, the easiest method is to create & maintain updates whenever or wherever your brand interacts with other local establishments on social media.

The best straightforward method is to release pictures & videos from your local participation of any tradeshows or local events, take as many pictures as you can by inviting the local residents as an audience to your shows & to note down the comments.

This process gives you a base to make you more visible to appear in local searches.

Brand Awareness

Building Brand Awareness is also important for local traffic as this may seem like more of a branding advantage than a specific SEO advantage to your brand, but the SEO benefit is significant with brand awareness.

In the process of increasing your reputation on social media, with an attempt through increased engagement and high-quality content syndication mayor will lead to increased online brand presence. With the increase in the brand, presence may lead to more branded searches on Google as people may directly type your brand name to search your brand info instead of a keyword search and then when people do more branded searches your brand receives, the higher possibility it’s likely to rank for non-branded keywords. Also, your brand may become suggestion on Google when your competitor brand is being searched. For example: when you Bing then you are also advised about Yahoo.

Keeping your social profiles updated & also updating them every day can automatically give you an authority from Google & more content you share with your audience the more followers you may receive on your brand pages. Also, with the higher possibility to appear in searches for more keywords.

If you have a brand doesn’t matter in which vertical, you should make your social profiles on all social networks. Such as Facebook, Google Plus, Google Brand, Google Maps (Highly recommend for local promotion), Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Easy Tips to Integrate Social Media With SEO To Boost Your Traffic – Part 1

Easy Tips to Integrate Social Media With SEO To Boost Your Traffic

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Integrate Social Media With SEO: In common language, Social Media Marketing & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are dependent & interlinked strategies. Both strategies can give you organic traffic, also focuses on inbound traffic that can be used to build & appeal visitors naturally & in an organic way. As social media also relies heavily on high-quality content & a strong base of brand presence can be an added advantage.

The efforts that you invest in SEO can get double with your social media reach, also this is the fact that can be heard by many search engine marketers that the more your social media presence is the results can be increased in your search rankings.

If you are consulting any search marketers they try to HIDE the facts on how social media can influence your Google Organic Rankings or some of them do not know the strategies themselves to explain it to you.

Integrate Social Media in your SEO - SEONoise

Increasing Your No. of Followers

The more followers you have on Social Media can have a more significant influence on your rankings & traffic. A company which has a Twitter account with 50 to 100 followers do not get any ranking bonus from Social Media that a company big or small has a million followers on Twitter & a million Facebook page likes can get.

This does come with some stipulation as Google is able to detect the quality of your followers, which means if you buy 50,000 or 100,000 proxy or paid followers then this is not going to impact on your Organic rankings. If you want your Social Media to give you results in Organic Results then you have to build your followers manually & organically.

To increase your followers is a slow process, but it is also effective with your consistent interaction with your followers. Brand should be presented in a unique way with on a daily basis. Posing useful articles about your brand can be a help to stay connected, tips, general discussion or open inquiries also follow-up with your users in a conversation with a direct engagement with them. By initiating conversations & replying to direct messages are key to build a strong follower base & retaining them, with interactive following they encourage followers to revisit your social page & this helps to build your authority for the new potential audience.

Build & Encourage External Inbound Links

External inbound links are good for site & also good for ranking. Social media is also useful because it can encourage more external sites to link to your content as this can bring more visitors to your site, and the more diverse external links you have, the more authority (DA’ PA) you can gain in Google’s eyes as it will give your site more value while showing  your results in any search. Of course, the catch to this is that you have to have high-quality, authoritative content to begin with & more the content can get you authority. Without content on your site, your external links cannot perform.

In general, when you publish content, social media serves simply as a broadcast channel. Your content, assuming it’s original and useful (Duplicating content is not recommended) is going to serve as bait, and your social channels are going to serve as fishing poles similar to your fishing routine as you are using content as your bait, putting the bait in front of the right eyes. Using hashtags to gain visibility for your initial rounds of syndication with relevant has tags for your business & content and don’t hesitate to bring your content into existing threads and discussions as content can gain you visibility. By performing so, it will improve your social reputation as an authoritative leader & gain trust among the audience, but the purpose of it, more importantly, it will maximize your potential external link & gain traffic to your site.

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